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2014 Men’s World Youth Water Polo Championships: Tournament Summary

Istanbul, Turkey (August 2-10, 2014)

Game 64 summary, August 9, 2014 (Day 8): Game for 9th place, against Australia

Canada’s 18U men’s team lost to Australia, 10-6, on Saturday in their final game at the World Youth Championships. Canada was leading 3-2 at the half and was using a strong defensive game. Australia countered forcefully in the third quarter, which resulted in the Canadians having to contend with man-down on too many occasions. A 6 on 4 opportunity contributed to Australia’s 5 points in the third period, against only one for Canada. The deficit ended up being too much to overcome. Going into the 4th quarter trailing 4-7, Canada put up a good fight but had to concede the win to the Australian adversary. The tenth place final ranking for Canada is a significant accomplishment, having finished ahead of both Brazil and USA, and placing at the top of the Pan American group.


Q1: 1-0 CAN-AUS
Q2: 2-2 CAN-AUS
Q3: 1-5 CAN-AUS
Q4: 2-3 CAN-AUS

Goal scorers: 3 goals by Euan Scoffield; 1 goal by Sean Spooner, Bilel Talah and Sever Topan

Man of the match: Sean Spooner for strong offensive and defensive play as well as drawing 8 exclusions on offence.

Game notes from the team manager: After the game, Head Coach Nikola Maric said that, although this was not the team’s best game, he was proud of the finish to the end. Everyone gave it their best, unfortunately just not all at the same time. The team had hoped to be the best of the non-European teams but will settle for second best. Nikola Maric wanted his team to take back to their club teams what they have learned about the top teams at this year's World Championships and thus continue to elevate the competition in Canada and get our nation ready in the years to come. The team thanks the coaches and manager and the organizers of the FINA World Youth Championships for the excellent organization and the opportunity to compete on the world stage.


Game 54 summary, August 8, 2014 (Day 7): Quarterfinal round game, against Japan

Our Canadian 18U men’s team came up big today for a win against a strong Japanese team!


Q1: 3-2 CAN-JPN
Q2: 2-1 CAN-JPN
Q3: 1-3 CAN-JPN
Q4: 5-4 CAN-JPN

Goal scorers: 4 goals by Sean Spooner; 3 goals by Giordano Marconatto; 2 goals by Jeremie Blanchard; 1 goal by Euan Scoffield and Sever Topan.

Man of the match: Giordano Marconatto for excellent offense and defense and coming through in a clutch game.

Game notes from the team manager:
Liam Duncan was superb in net, as was Sam Reiner who played in the second quarter. Canada led from the start with a strong defense and was able to capitalize on man-up. The Japanese however fought back and managed to take over the lead with a minute and a half remaining to the game. Sean Spooner scored his fourth to tie the game. Then, with just 40 sec remaining, Jeremie Blanchard scored to reclaim the lead and secure the victory for his team. Assistant Coach Daniel Tausan and Head Coach Nikola Maric credit the team’s hard work and focus for Canada’s victory against a very crafty and skilled Japanese team today.  Canada will play Australia on Saturday for 9th place after the Aussies beat the USA in a closely-fought match, which was decided in the last 4 seconds. 


Game 45 summary, August 7, 2014 (Day 6): Crossover game, against Spain

Canada played well on Thursday and did everything to win, except put the ball in the net enough times! The final score against Spain was 10-6, but the game was far closer than that would indicate.

ESP 10 – 6 CAN

Q1: 1-3 ESP-CAN
Q2: 4-3 ESP CAN
Q3: 0-1 ESP CAN
Q4: 3-1 ESP CAN

Goal scorers: 2 goals by Gaelan Patterson; 1 goal by Euan Scoffield, Aleksa Gardijan, Jeremie Blanchard and Aria Soleimani.

Man of the match: Goalie Liam Duncan for outstanding performance.

Game notes from the team manager:
It was an eventful game, to be certain! The game was set to start at the Turkish Water Polo Federation Pool. A storm was moving in and it looked like Canada would be playing Spain in a thunderstorm. Just as the referee was about to start the swim-off, he called everyone out of the pool because the high winds were getting all the electronics wet and the desk could not function. After a full hour of intense lightning and thunder, the coaches met and agreed to move the game to the training pool (Tozkoparan pool). The entire group was bussed over with security escort, as the storm had caused huge traffic congestion.

There was then some confusion regarding the pool set up, desk and start time. Nonetheless, the game got started at about 8 pm, 4 hours after the original start time, and using manual timing. The 30-second shot clock consisted of two people yelling out the time as it progressed. The players all had to prepare for a second time for a game that was in a different setting, with substandard timing system and a 4-hour delay. The guys were great! They played their best game and, were it not for goal posts and missed penalties, we may well be playing in the top 8.

We later found out that the next game against Japan (loser to Turkey) would be in the afternoon at 4 p.m. at the Galatasaray Sports Club Kalamis Pool, instead of the main pool at 11:20 as originally scheduled. Our players will adjust and come up with another big game. Unfortunately, the location change also puts us far away from the other games within the final 8, which we would have enjoyed watching.

Preliminary round games:

Game 39 on August 6, 2014 (Day 5)


Game 25 on August 5, 2014 (Day 4)

Q1- 1-0 NZL-CAN
Q2- 1-5 NZL CAN
Q3- 4-2 NZL-CAN
Q4- 0-2 NZL-CAN

Goal scorers: 2 goals by S. Topan, J. Blanchard and E. Scoffield;  1 goal by G. Patterson, S. Spooner and A. Soleimani

Man of the match: Captain Gaelan Patterson for excellence in leadership


Game 19 on August 4, 2014 (Day 3)

Q1: 4-0 CAN PER
Q2: 3-1 CAN- PER
Q3: 7-3 CAN PER
Q4: 4-2 CAN –PER

Goal scorers: 3 goals by E. Scoffield and  J. Blanchard ; 2 goals by S. Spooner, Pavle Kotarac, Aleksa Gardijan, S. Topan, A. Soleimeni; 1 goal by G. Patterson and P. Bucheff.

Man of the match: Liam Duncan for excellence in goal tending


Game 7 on August 2, 2014 (Day 1)

Q1: 3-2 CRO- CAN
Q2: 4-1 CRO-CAN
Q3: 3-2 CRO-CAN
Q4: 2-2 CRO CAN

Goal scorers: 2 goals by Euan Scoffield, and 1 each by Gaelan Patterson, Paul Bucheff, Sean Spooner, Jeremie Blanchard, Aria Soleimani
Man of the match: Sever Topan for his excellent efforts at centre check


Final ranking:
1. Hungary
2. Spain
3. Russia
4. Serbia; 5. Montenegro; 6. Turkey; 7. Italy; 8. Croatia; 9. Australia; 10. Canada; 11. USA; 12. Japan; 13. Brazil; 14. Kazakhstan; 15. Egypt; 16. Argentina; 17. Iran; 18. South Africa; 19. New Zealand; 20. Peru.



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