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Day 5: UANA Junior Panamerican Championships in Edmonton

Game 15-Brazil 13 v Colombia 10 (M)
Day five of the UANA U19 Junior Pan American Water Polo Championships opened today in men’s action, with Brazil (2-2) swimming of against Colombia (1-3).

With round-robin action winding down tomorrow, the importance of today’s games weighed heavily on both these teams who battled it out for a top five position. Brazil entered the day in fourth place with one more game at hand tomorrow, while Colombia will play again today at 8:30 p.m.

The first half of play saw a very tight match with both teams neck-in-neck for the lead. Brazil would end the half with the one goal lead to head in to the third quarter, 6-5. Both teams continued to play disciplined through the second half with the score still remaining tight through the fourth quarter. Colombia seemed to have run out of steam towards the end of the fourth and couldn’t close the gap on Brazil’s lead. Brazil would go on to win 13-10.

Colombia dropped to 1-4, but will swim-off against Trinidad and Tobago later tonight, while Brazil will wrap up their round-robin play tomorrow at 5:50 against Trinidad and Tobago.

Vinicius Pessin-2
Luis Silva-2
Gabriel Poci-3
Roberto Freitas-1
Alexandre Kerkis-3
Marcos Pedroso-2

Simon Buitago Golzalez-4
Emanual Perez-2
Santiago Cuervo-1
Santiago Munoz-2
Andres Henao-1
Game 16- Puerto Rico 10 v Argentina 13 (M)
Men’s action resumed this afternoon with Argentina(3-1) and Puerto Rico (1-3) swimming off in the second-to-last day of round robin play at the Junior Pan American Championships in Edmonton, Alta.

A slow low scoring first half saw both teams finish the first half deadlocked at five aside with both teams knowing every goal and game are on the line as the round-robin games wind down. The second half seemed as though Argentina may have had the game but a last push effort by Puerto Rico saw them pull within two to try and even things up before the final horn. Unfortunately time ran out as Puerto Rico could not force the turnover, allowing Argentina to go on to a 13-10 win.

Argentina now moves to 4-1 and will face the United States in the final day of round-robin play tomorrow at 5:50 p.m. Puerto Rico will drop to 1-4 and will face Canada in their last game of round-robin action tomorrow at 8:30 p.m.

Facundo Gonzalez-1
Tomas Pozo-2
Felipe Alfonso-1
Franco Agustin-2
Guido Martino-2
Guido Poggi-1
Carlos Camnasio-3
Tadeo Petrocelli-1

Puerto Rico:
Angel Andino-1
Jose Lubriel-2
Diego Zayas-4
Gabriel Robles-1
Angel Rosado-2
Game 9- Brazil 21 v Trinidad and Tobago 8 (W)
Women’s action opened this afternoon with Trinidad and Tobago taking on Brazil in the last day of round-robin action on the women’s side of Junior Pan American Championships.

Brazil and Trinidad and Tobago both currently sit in the bottom two spots of the standings, with Brazil currently in fourth. With the win, and a Puerto Rico loss to Canada later tonight, Brazil would move ahead to the semi-finals in the third place position. A loss, and they would be facing Trinidad and Tobago again tomorrow in the quarter-final match-up for the fourth and final qualifying place for FINA World Championships.

Trinidad and Tobago has had trouble finding the back of net this tournament with just 16 goals for heading into today’s match, with today being no exception. Brazil held them to just eight goals all game, going on to win 21-8

Samantha Rezende had a huge game for Brazil, netting nine of her teams 21 goals on the night.

Brazil’s win gave them the third place finish after Puerto Rico was defeated by Canada later this evening. They will now play as the third place team in the semi-finals set to begin Wednesday against the second place United States at 3:10 p.m.

Trinidad and Tobago will finish fifth overall, and will swim-off against Puerto Rico in tomorrow’s quarter-final at 4:30 p.m.

Kemily Leao-3
Leticia Belorio-3
Samantha Rezende-9
Carol Ramos-2
Sofia Rivas-3

Trinidad and Tobago:
Jordan Van Reekan-1
Emma Chin Lee-2
Hailey De Leon-1
Shemiyah Ross-4
Game 17- Canada 15 v United States 18 (M)
Day five on the UANA U19 Pan American Water Polo Championships featured one of the more highly anticipated match-ups of this round-robin play, with Canada taking on the United States.

The Americans were without a loss heading into tonight’s game, while Canada entered the game at 3-1 with a loss to Brazil.

The first half of the opening quarter saw goal-for-goal action, with Canada getting on the board first from Reuel D’Souza. The United States took control towards the end of the quarter with a 6-3 lead, with Luis Araya leading the way with four goals in the quarter. The first half ended with tempers flaring and plenty of fouls. The Americans would finish the half doubling up on Canada 12-6.

Canada came to life with a big third quarter outscoring the U.S. 6-3, and ending the quarter with a goal from D’Souza pulling them within three of the American’s 15-12 lead. A valiant effort in the last quarter by Canada would not be enough, as their woes in the first quarter came back to haunt them, dropping a 18-15 decision to the United States.

The United States were led in scoring by Araya and Tyler Abramson who netted six each, while D’Souza had six for Canada.

With the win, the United States remains the only undefeated team in this tournament at 5-0, while Canada drops to 3-2.

The United States will take on Argentina in their final game of round-robin play at 7:10 p.m. while Canada will take on Puerto Rico at 8:30 p.m.
Andrew Muir, First Assistant, Men’s National Team, Canada
“ We need to work on the energy we need to start the game. We know how to play defense against them, and in the third and the fourth we saw how stable our defense could be, so if we can start with that at the beginning of our games we can build on that success for the rest of it.”

Reuel D’ Souza, 19U Men’s National Team, Canada
“Right off the bat, we didn’t match the intensity with the Americans. We didn’t have enough energy coming into the game and I think that really cost us in the final two quarters we weren’t able to crawl back in scoring even though we matched their intensity.”
United States:
Nicholas Bisconti-1
David Feingold-1
Ryan Sawyer-4
Tyler Ambramson-6
Louis Araya-6

Gareth Jones-1
Felix Poliseno-3
Reuel D’Souza-6
Jeremie Blanchard-3
Aria Soleimani-2
Game 10- Canada 21 v Puerto Rico 9 (F)
The last round-robin game for the women’s side of the Junior Pan American Championships competition wrapped up this evening with Canada (3-0) taking on Puerto Rico (1-2).

A win would be crucial for for Puerto Rico, as it would avoid playing off the quarter-final tomorrow against Trinidad and Tobago, and move them ahead to semi-final match-ups Wednesday.

Canada remained at a perfect 3-0 record heading into tonight’s game, a record they intended to keep going to clinch first overall in the round-robin.

A bit of slower start to the first quarter saw Puerto Rico strike at the five minute mark of the first, but not for long with the Canadians going on a run, ending the first half with a comfortable 10-3 lead.

Canada continued to dominate into the third and fourth, allowing just one goal against in the fourth, and going on to win 21-9.

Axelle Crevier led the Canadians in scoring with seven goals, while Guarina Garcia led Puerto Rico with six.

Puerto Rico drops to 1-3 and a fourth place finish in the round-robin. With the win, Canada goes undefeated through round-robin play, and will swim-off against the winner of the quarter-final match-up between Puerto Rico and Trinidad and Tobago on Wednesday at 4:30 p.m.
Andrew Robinson, Head Coach, Women’s National Team, Canada
“The record isn’t so important, I think it’s more important that we improve with every game and I think with this one we kind of plateaued and didn’t take it as seriously as our other games. We can and should have played better than what we did today.”
Peggy-Jean Allin-2
Axelle Crevier-7
Yasmine Rachid-2
Chayma Hlandif-3
Verica Bakoc-1
Zoe Guevremont-1
Adrien Van Dyke-2
Joelle Nacouzi-3

Puerto Rico:
Mariana Trogolo-1
Guarina Garcia-6
Frances Vega-2
July 19, 4:30 p.m - 4th Place (Puerto Rico) v 5th Place (Trinidad and Tobago)
July 20, 3:10 p.m. -3rd Place (Brazil) v 2nd Place (United States)
July 20, 4:30 p.m. – (Winner of PUR-TTO) v 1st Place (Canada)

Game 18- Trinidad and Tobago 10 v Colombia 19 (M)
The final game of day five at the Junior Pan American Water Polo Championships saw Trinidad and Tobago (0-4) and Colombia (1-4) swim-off against each other at Kinsmen Sports Complex in Edmonton this evening.

With seven teams vying for a top five finish at the championships to qualify for the FINA World Championships, the last few games of round-robin play become crucial for the bottom half teams. Colombia and Trinidad and Tobago sit in sixth and seventh place respectively.

Half time would have Colombia with the three goal lead, up on Trinidad and Tobago 8-5. Colombia would start to separate themselves with the lead nearing the end of the third quarter with a cushiony 14-7 lead over Trinidad an Tobago.

Colombia was led by Simon Buitrago with eight goals, while Trinidad and Tobago’s Leon Daniel netted six.

Colombia would go on to down Trinidad and Tobago by a final score of 19-9, and improve to 2-3. Trinidad and Tobago remains winless with an 0-4 record.

Colombia finishes round-robin action and will await the rest of the pool to wrap up tomorrow for final placings for the quarter and semi finals. Trinidad and Tobago will play their final round-robin game tomorrow at 8:30 p.m.

Simon Buitrago-8
Emanuel Perez-1
Santiago Cuervo-3
Luis Aranda-2
Santiago Orozco-1
Andres Mora-4

Trinidad and Tobago:
Chad Rowley-3
Leon Daniel-6
Christian Gillette-1


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