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Day 6: UANA Junior Panamerican Championships in Edmonton
Game 11- (Women’s Quarter-Final) Trinidad and Tobago 11 v Puerto Rico 12
 Puerto Rico earned the final qualifying spot for the FINA World Championships and will enter the medal rounds of the U19 Junior Pan American Championships with a shootout win over Trinidad and Tobago this afternoon.

It was do or die for Trinidad and Tobago and Puerto Rico in this afternoon’s quarterfinal matchup. The women’s side of the Junior Pan American Championships wrapped up the final standing this afternoon with the winner not only moving on to the medal rounds, but also earning that last qualifying slot for the FINA World Championships in 2017.

This afternoon’s swim-off saw two very evenly matched teams going goal for goal through the first two quarters, both trying desperately to get out in front with a lead. The first half ended with both teams deadlocked at five aside. The third quarter looked like it was heading into the fourth with neither team able to add a goal in the third and remain at the 5-5 tie. Trinidad and Tobago’s Jordan Van Reeken had other plans, putting her team in the lead by one with 6.4 seconds left in the quarter to pull ahead to 6-5.

A very intense last quarter saw both teams battling hard to regain the lead with Trinidad and Tobago carrying the one goal lead 8-7 as the final seconds ticked down. Guarina Garcia tied things up again for Puerto Rico with 26.8 seconds remaining the game, making the last couple seconds crucial, with no room for error. Trinidad and Tobago had procession of the ball, with the decision to try and break the tie or hang on for a shoot out. A bad give-away let Puerto Rico charge on net for their opportunity to take the lead, but a good defensive play by Trinidad and Tobago foiled their effort, ending in an 8-8 tie after regulation time expired.

For the first time in this tournament, these two teams headed to a shoot out to determine who would be moving on to the semi-finals and earn that final qualifying spot. A slip up on Trinidad and Tobago’s Arianna Agostini’s shot cost them their chance to tie it up in the shoot-out, allowing Puerto Rico to go on to the 12-11 in a shoot out final.

With the win, Puerto Rico will move on to the semi-finals and face Canada tomorrow at 4:30 p.m. and solidifies the final standings for the medal qualifying round.
Puerto Rico:
Mariana Trogolo-1
Sabrina Esteves-3
Guarina Garcia-3
Frances Vega-1

Trinidad and Tobago:
Jordan Van Reeken-4
Anisa Rowley-1
Arianna Agostini-1
Shemiya Ross-2

July 20, 3:10 p.m. -3rd Place (Brazil) v 2nd Place (United States)
July 20, 4:30 p.m. – 4th (Puerto Rico) v 1st Place (Canada)
Game 19- Brazil 16 v Trinidad and Tobago 5 (M)
July 19, 2016…Edmonton, Alta.- Last day of men’s round-robin action kicked off today with Brazil (3-2) swimming off to a convincing 16-5 win against Trinidad and Tobago (0-5) to advance to the semi-final round.

While Trinidad and Tobago won’t be vying for a medal at the Pan American Championship, they will still play off in the classification round to try and earn the fifth and final qualifying spot for the FINA World Championships in 2017.

Brazil finishes the round robin in 4th place and will face the 1st place United States at 5:50 p.m.

Trinidad and Tobago finishes 7th and will take on 6th place Puerto Rico tomorrow at 1:50 in the first game of the classification round.

Vinicius Pessin-1
Luis Silva-3
Gabriel Poci-1
Roberto Freitas-3
Fabricio Lacerda-1
Gabriel Sojo-2
Italo Vizacre-1
Marcos Pedroso-3
Eduardo Lopos-1

Trinidad and Tobago:
Jean-Luc Hinds-1
Chad Rowley-2
Adrian Hinds-2
Game 20- United States 12 v Argentina 7 (M)
July 20th, 2016…Edmonton, Alta.- The undefeated United States continued their winning streak this evening defeating Argentina 12-7 in both teams last round-robin match in day six of the UANA Junior Pan American Championships in Edmonton Alberta.

The U.S. was looking to stay undefeated against the Argentinians, whose only loss this tournament has come from Canada.

Both teams remained tight with each other through the first two quarters of play with the Americans getting a bit of a lead heading into the third with a 6-3 lead. The United States would begin to run away with the lead in the second half outscoring Argentina 6-4, and going on to win 12-7.

With the win, the United States clinches first place, and will start the semi-final rounds tomorrow against Brazil at 5:50 p.m.

Argentina will finish 3rd overall and face 2nd place Canada at 7:10 p.m.

United States:
Nicholas Bisconti-1
Thomas Gruwell-2
Ryan Sawyer-3
Luis Araya-3

Agustin Capriotti-1
Tomas Alfonso Pozo-3
Guido Martino-1
Nicolas Provenzano-1


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