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Call for nominations - BOARD OF DIRECTORS

Water Polo Canada is extending an invitation for nominations to all individuals interested in serving on the Board of Directors 

The Water Polo Canada Board of Directors oversees the policies of the Association, the budget, produces a strategic plan for the Association and reviews that plan regularly to ensure that its objectives are being met. The Water Polo Canada Board conducts itself in a businesslike fashion. Individuals who apply for a Board position should be aware that it is a policy governance Board and Directors and they will be expected to be responsible for or participate in certain portfolios.

The calendar leading to the elections, as stated by Water Polo Canada’s Bylaws:

  • April 15, 2020: Call for nominations
  • May 14, 2020: Deadline for nominations
  • May 28, 2020: Publication of the nomination list
  • June 14, 2020: Elections at AGM


a. At least sixty (60) days prior to the AGM, the Board shall issue a written call for nominations for the positions of Director.
b.The call for nominations shall be sent to all members of the Board and to each affiliated Provincial/Territorial Section.
c. Nominations for positions of Director shall be received in writing by the Standing Nominations Committee at least 30 days prior to the AGM.
d. Fifteen (15) days prior to the AGM, WPC shall deliver a copy of the nominations received to members of the Board and to each affiliated Provincial/Territorial Section.
The2020 Nominating Committee members:

  • Doug Maclaren, WPC Director & Chair
  • Paul Fritz-Németh, WPC Director
  • Mylène Turcotte-Fitzgerald, WPC Staff

The Board as it stands today is composed of the following individuals:



Term ends

Conrad Hadubiak (SK)



Josée Lanouette (QC)



Doug Maclaren (BC)



Paul Fritz-Németh (ON)



Kathleen Dawson (MB)



Erin Lukie (AB)



Teddy Katz (ON)



Jared Gillespie (ON)



Andi Mortenson (BC)



Bill Meyer (ON)



There are five (5) positions (*, **) open: four (4) Director Positions and the position of vice-president of the board.

       WPC’s Board functions best when there is gender equity and Canada-wide representation.      WPC encourages qualified applicants to apply from areas currently not represented.      Furthermore, the Board is strongest and most effective when each Director contributes      knowledge, experience and skills in one or more of the following core competencies: Audit      and Finance

       Governance (board experience) 

       Risk Management

       Business Development

      Strategic Planning

      Marketing and Communication


      Policy Writing

      Human Resources

      Knowledge of water polo and the Canadian sport system is an asset

Above all, Directors must understand the duties and responsibilities of a Board of Directors. Directors should, ideally, be financially literate and be familiar with processes involved in evaluating organizational performance.

Water Polo Canada’s 2019-2020 Board is 40% female. Sport Canada’s Sport Funding and Accountability Framework (general criteria #13 Equity and Access) states, among other things, that a National Governing Body’s Board should be 40% female; therefore, it is Water Polo Canada’s intent to search for qualified candidates to help comply with these criteria. Water Polo Canada is making a special call to female candidates to send in their nominations to ensure that the Board maintains its 40% female composition. We also welcome new Canadians who have the above-mentioned qualifications and are interested in developing their Canadian experience with a network of leaders who share a common passion to help sport and youth reach their potential.

Below is an outline of the Board’s roles and responsibilities:

1. General Board Responsibilities
  • ensure ethical conduct of the organization
  • ensure financial responsibility and viability of the organization
  • articulate and communicate the vision and priorities
  • manage the relationship with senior staff
  • monitor the ongoing progress of the organization
  • maintain overall stewardship and governance of the organization
2. Responsibilities of Board Members
  • attend Board meetings
  • attend other meetings as required
  • attend competitions in local area
  • complete tasks as required from minutes of meetings and other committee tasks
3. Time Commitment (Directors)
  • attendance at the AGM each year (Friday to Sunday inclusive)
  • monthly Board meetings (2-3-hour conference call on a weekday night)
  • at least 5 – 10 hours per month depending on other roles
  • term of office is two years

4. Time Commitment (President)

  • all of the Director’s time commitment plus 10+ hours a week
  • attend occasional meetings usually in Ottawa, Montreal or Calgary

5. Benefits

  • an opportunity to actively work with an engaging network of individuals who are passionate about the sport of water polo in Canada
  • an opportunity for personal and professional development
  • to actively contribute to Canada being a leader in High Performance, in growth of water polo and in organizational excellence
  • an opportunity to actively contribute to Canada becoming the number one water polo nation and be part of a special sport community.

Each nomination

  • must be submitted in writing
  • must include a motivation letter including areas of expertise/interest and how this skill set will contribute to the achievement of the strategic objectives of the organization.
  • A declaration of presence or absence of conflict of interest.
  • must include a résumé with at least one reference.

The nominees must declare any conflicts they may have as stated by WPC’s Conflict of Interest Policy. Potential conflicts include having a relative on one of the National Team Programs and/or being a PSO Board member and/or being a Club Board member. All elected Board members must adhere to the Board Member Code of Conduct.

Please send nominations to the following email address:

Should you have any questions regarding the Board of Directors and/or the nomination of individuals for this Board, please feel free to contact any member of the committee at





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