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Water Polo Canada welcomes new member to Board of Directors

(Ottawa, November 3, 2018) - Water Polo Canada (WPC) is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Douglas MacLaren to its Board of Directors.

Mr. MacLaren has over twenty years of experience in human resource capacity development with a specific focus on employee training and apprenticeship. Working with both public and private sector partners, he developed programs to improve employees’ training and retention. Mr. MacLaren previously sat on the Fraser Valley Water Polo Board of Directors and Water Polo Canada is thrilled to welcome him as a representative of the provinces in Western Canada.

“We are delighted with the nomination of Mr. Douglas MacLaren to the WPC Board. His professional experience and expertise will be great additions to our federation” mentioned Water Polo Canada President, Mr. Conrad Hadubiak.

Water Polo Canada would like to thank Mr. Kevin Freedman of Winnipeg for all his hard work on the Board. In October, Mr. Freedman communicated his intention to resign from the Water Polo Canada Board.

Previously involved with the Manitoba Water Polo Association, Mr. Kevin Freedman joined the Water Polo Canada Board of Directors in June of 2016. Mr. Freedman’s expertise in non-profit management and board governance have been crucial to our organization over the last two years. He helped create and review multiple WPC Policies and gave insights on the overall strategy.

“On behalf of the Board and the Staff, I would like to express my appreciation of Kevin’s dedication and involvement over the last two years. He will remain a valued member of the Canadian water polo community,” added Mr. Hadubiak.

Current WPC Board of Directors as of November 3rd, 2018:

President: Conrad Hadubiak (Saskatchewan)

Vice President: Josée Lanouette (Quebec)

Directors: Ariane Clavet-Gaumont (Quebec),Kathleen Dawson (Manitoba), Paul Fritz-Nemeth (Ontario), Jared Gillespie (Ontario), Teddy Katz (Ontario), Douglas MacLaren (British Columbia). There are two vacant director positions.



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