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 Water Polo Canada Olympians
Water Polo Canada is proud of its history in Olympic competitions. This page is a place to commemorate our Olympians and inspire new athletes to write their own pages in history.
2008 - Beijing, China
Justin Boyd, Devon Diggle, Aaron Feltham, Kevin Graham, Brandon Jung, Constantine Kudaba, Thomas Marks, Nathaniel Miller, Kevin Mitchell, Sasa Palamarevic, Robin Randall,                   Jean Sayegh, Nicolas Youngblud
 2004 - Athens, Greece
Marie-Luc Arpin, Johanne Bégin, Cora Campbell, Melissa Collins, Andrea Dewar, Valérie Dionne, Ann Dow, Susan Gardiner, Marianne Illing, Whynter Lamarre, Rachel Riddell,                    Christine Robinson, Janat Salat
 2000 - Sydney, Australia
Marie-Luc Arpin, Isabelle Auger, Johanne Bégin, Cora Campbell, Melissa Collins,                    Marie-Claude Deslières, Valérie Dionne, Ann Dow, Susan Gardiner, Waneek Horn-Miller,      Sandra Lizé, Josée Marsolais, Jana Salat    
1984 - Los Angeles, USA
1984 Summer Olympics logo.svg
John Anderson, Rene Bol, Geoff Brown, Brian Collyer, Simon Deschamps, Dominique Dion, George Gross, Sylvain Huet, Alexander Juhasz, William Meyer, Paul Pottier,                         Gordon Vantol, Richard Zayonc
1976 - Montréal, Canada
1976 Summer Olympics logo.svg
Clifford Barry, Gabor Csepregi, Dominique Dion, James Ducharme, George Gross, David Hart, Guy Leclerc, John MacLeod, Paul Pottier, Patrick Pugliese, Gaetan Turcotte
1972 - Munich, Germany
Clifford Barry, Gabor Csepregi, David Hart, Stephen Hart, Guy Leclerc, Donald Packer, Patrick Pugliese, Allan Pyle, Robert Thompson, William Van Der Pol


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