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The mini-NDPL will be an investment of financial and human resources into the building of the competition structure for clubs, athletes, coaches and official development in Canada.

The objective of the league is to align the competition structure at the Competitive Foundations stage of development to match the training recommendations as outlined by the Water Polo Canada Long-Term Ahtlete Development (LTAD) model.

The mini-NDPL will prepare younger athletes for the NDPL by providing them with a similar league structure to the NDPL. Our objective is to have younger players competing on a regular basis for a longer period of time in intense meaningful games.

The system of the League and weekly games is not only to increase interest in the participants, excitement for extended time, motivation, it “forces” Coaches to evaluate their programs and plans and to establish “training based on weekly competition” rather than training for the sake of training and only skills learned.

The objective is to provide more meaningful games over a longer period of time than the tournament system is providing now; with the same amount of money, or less, that the athletes and parents are spending currently on the Tournament system over a full season. Clubs will not have to seek worthy competitions elsewhere to fill the gaps between competitions. Their season will be long and intense right here on home soil.

Inaugural year

This year we are proud to announce that six teams in two provinces will be competing in the MINI-NDPL. The three teams from British Columbia are: Pacific Storm, Surrey Orcas and Saanich Water Polo School from Victoria. And, the three teams from Alberta are: Calgary Torpedoes, Calgary Wild Water Polo, and Edmonton Tsunami.  We are expecting some fierce competition that will start October and finish in June.

The league is broken up into two conferences (Alberta and BC), each conference will host three weekends where all the teams will play, there will be two inter-conference meet-ups in Vancouver where the BC teams will play the Alberta teams. These inter-conference meet-ups will be at the same time as NDPL games and the NDPL finals.  Finally there will be finals held in Kamloops where the top four teams will compete for the prestigious first year title.



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