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ILWP Overview

What is "I Love Water Polo"?

"I Love Water Polo" (ILWP) is Water Polo Canada’s introductory, grass roots water polo program for boys and girls ages 8-12 (although easily adaptable for younger or older age groups, or even adults). In a learn-to-play environment, similar to swimming lessons, participants discover the game of water polo, and the basic skills involved in aquatic sports.  The ILWP program also helps to enhance the participants swimming, balance, and coordination skills. No prior water polo experience is required. The only pre-requisite is that participants should be able to swim one width of the pool.

"I Love Water Polo" is:

Community driven, offering four levels of skill development just like swim lessons.  

Flexible in its delivery, as well as offering it as a 10-lesson program, it can be adapted for use by communities as an after school program, as a weekend/evening activity for children on a drop-in basis, or as part of aqua or other day camps on an occasional basis.

Ideal for indoor and outdoor facilities, as well as waterfronts and camp environments.

Interested in introducing water polo to your facility or your organization?  

Click here for information about promotional material, benefits to the community, logistics, instructor training, and financial considerations.

ILWP instructors are trained through the
National Coaching and Certification Program (NCCP) by attending a one-time 8-hour clinic that can be brought right to your facility.  No water polo experience is required, making it ideal for lifeguard and aquatic instructors.  For information about instructor training please email us.

ILWP does not require a full pool or all deep water- shallow water is appropriate for Levels 1 &2. Levels 3 & 4 can use a combination of deep/shallow water.

What equipment/supplies do we need to run ILWP?

Very little! Participants simply need a bathing suit and towel. The facility provides junior size balls. Nets and hats are optional. We either supply, or can provide links to suppliers for any required equipment. We also have report cards for sale. Available ILWP merchandise for sale, including balls are available by emailing us. Promotional material, (flyers, posters, etc.) is available at no charge; we have versions that can be personalized for your own use. These and other ILWP resources can be found here.

The innovative and award winning ILWP program, now operated and nationalized by Water Polo Canada, was developed from the experience and creativity of former Olympic athlete and Olympic coach Mr David Hart.  Coach Hart has been involved in water polo in Canada for the past 50 years including 4 Olympic Games - player in 1972 and 1976 and assistant coach in 1984 and 2000.  Coach Hart has held various positions in the Canadian Water Polo Association from 1977 to 2006 including Technical Director, Master Coach, High Performance Director, and Director in Chief.  In his time with the Association, Coach Hart has been involved in every National Team program both male and female, and age group through senior.


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