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Multi-Sport Module Opportunities
Please note that although WPC will update this webpage periodically, it is possible that some of the NCCP multi-sport modules listed below may be full and/or no longer available. It is important to check your Provincial/Territorial Coaching Representative's (PTCR) website for the most up to date information.  Follow this link to access your PTCR website.  
 British Columbia
NCCP Multi-Sport Modules
 Course Type DateRegistration Deadline 
 Teaching and LearningMay 20-22 May 13
Psychology of Performance
May 26-27
 May 19
 Make Ethical DecisionsJune 2 May 24
 Make Ethical Decisions June 10June 3 
Design a Basic Sport ProgramJune 12-13 June 6
 Psychology of PerformanceJune 14-15  June 7
Coaching and Leading Effectively June 22-24 June 15
NCCP Multi-Sport Modules
Course Type Date Registration Deadline
Teaching and LearningMay 19-20 May 12
Make Ethical DecisionsMay 25 May 18
Basic Mental SkillsMay 27  May 20
 Managing ConflictMay 29 May 21
NCCP Multi-Sport Modules
Course Type DateRegistration Deadline
Advanced Practice PlanningMay 17-18May 12
 Basic Mental Skills May 19May 15 
Make Ethical DecisionsMay 26May 22
Psychology of PerformanceMay 31-June 1May 27
NCCP Multi-Sport Modules
Course TypeDateRegistration Deadline
 Basic Mental SkillsMay 20 May 18 
Advanced Practice Planning May 29 May 27  
Developing Athletic Abilities June 1-2 May 27 
 Psychology of Performance June 6 June 3
 Managing ConflictJune 7-9  June 6
 Coaching and Leading EffectivelyJune 14-16 June 13 
 Performance Planning June 15-24June 14 
 Make Ethical Decisions June 23June 22 

NCCP Multi-Sport Modules
Course Type Date Registration Deadline
 Prevention and Recovery May 18  May 14 
 Prevention and Recovery  May 19-20  May 17
 Psychology of Performance  May 26  May 21
 Developing Athletic Abilities  May 27 May 24 
A dvanced Practice Planning  June 2 May 28 
 Make Ethical Decisions  June 3
 Planning a Practice  June 7 June 4 
Make Ethical Decisions June 8
 Teaching and Learning June 8 June 5 
 Basic Mental Skills  June 9  June 6
Managing Conflict  June 10 June 7
Prevention and Recovery  June 11-12 June 8 
 Design a Basic Sport Program June 14 June 10 
Make Ethical Decisions June 15

Make Ethical Decisions   June 15  
Make Ethical Decisions June 22
Manage a Sport Program June 23 June 18 
 Coaching and Leading Effectively June 24-25  June 21
 Leading Drug Free Sport  June 28 June 24 
Make Ethical Decisions July 8  
Make Ethical Decisions   July 13  
Make Ethical Decisions  July 15  
NCCP Multi-Sport Modules
Course TypeDateRegistration Deadline
Manage a Sport ProgramMay 15May 13
Planning a PracticeMay 15-16May 13
Basic Mental SkillsMay 17-18May 13
Teaching and Learning (EN)May 17-18May 13
Make Ethical DecisionsMay 19May 17
Make Ethical Decisions (EN)May 19May 17
Prevention and Recovery (EN)May 20-27May 18
Planning and Practice (EN)May 24-25May 20
Design a Basic Sport ProgramMay 26-27May 24 
Coaching and Leading EffectivelyMay 26-29May 24
Design a Basic Sport Program (EN)May 29-30May 27
Teaching and Learning &
Basic Mental Skills
May 29-June 3May 27
New Brunswick
NCCP Multi-Sport Modules
Course TypeDateRegistration Deadline
 Make Ethical Decisions May 16May 11 
 Manage a Sport Program May 19May 13 
Make Ethical Decisions (FR) May 27 May 21
 Design a Basic Sport Program (FR) June 3-10May 28 
Managing Conflict June 7 June 1
 Planning a Practice (FR) June 10-17 June 4
 Make Ethical Decisions June 13 June 8
Nova Scotia
NCCP Multi-Sport Modules
Course TypeDateRegistration Deadline
 Performance Planning May 19-26May 19 
 Advanced Practice PlanningMay 31-June 1 May 31
 Design a Basic Sport ProgramMay 31-June 1   May 31
 Prevention and RecoveryJune 8-10 June 8 
 Make Ethical DecisionsJune 14 June 14 
 Manage a Sport ProgramJune 15 June 15 


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