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In the fall of 2014, Water Polo Canada distributed, through e-mail addresses in its database and through its social media accounts, a brief survey requesting feedback from its stakeholders.
The objective was to assess some elements related to the current WPC Strategic Plan and to the targets set up by the organization for the period leading up to the summer Olympics in 2016 in Rio.

A large group of 503 people responded to the survey and provide answers to its dozen questions. We sincerely thank all respondents for having extended answers and comments that we have since started to use as reference at various levels of the Water Polo Canada board and staff. The feedback contained in the survey will also be used when drafting the next strategic plan of the organization.

Among the various conclusions to be drawn:
  • The Water Polo Canada Strategic Plan must be a living document that speaks to members and participants using clear language and appropriate vehicle;
  • The Board of Directors of WPC needs to better promote its responsibilities publicly towards helping the organization achieve its strategic goals
  • The communications component remains an element to be better developed, focusing on electronic communications.
           An overview of some salient survey results is also available here >click to view
Thank you again to all who participated! Do not hesitate to contact us to share other comments.
Coordination of the survey results: Josée Lanouette
Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee: Paul Fritz-Németh


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